During my internship at Cohesie I was assigned to the following project: School of Cohesie. Cohesie is a health and safety company. When an employee can’t work due to sickness, Cohesie guides and advises the employee in specific steps according to a Dutch law to get him/her back to work as soon as possible. company that pays close attention to development. A platform has therefore been designed for employees in which they can follow training courses, so they can develop in their own way.



My role

UX/UI Designer

Target Audience

The key stakeholders in this project consist of three groups:

  1. Cohesie’s employees
  2.  Marketing company (delivers the product’s content)
  3. Cohesie’s customers (indirect stakeholder)

Cohesie’s employees are the target audience. They guide and advise customers in the Gatekeeper Improvement Act (Dutch law in The Netherlands according to sickness which consist specific steps to get employees back to work).


In the start of this project I researched how people learn and how you can motivate people to learn in a platform. A Benchmark study showed that gamification is a good means to make people intrinsically motivated to learn. This study resulted in adding gamification to the concept.


After analyzing the performed research, I collected all the insights and processed them into wireframes. I further studied the design patterns of websites from similar businesses. These inspired the redesign of Babassu

Mobile first

After determining the wireframes, I designed a HiFi prototype. The designs of this prototype will be presented to the client. When approved, the redesign will be implemented on Babassu’s website.

Please note that this project is still a work in progress. For additional information, please contact me.