“How can Artis Aquarium ensure the entertaining, educative and interactive collection of information of the underwater marine life in Artis Aquarium to children between 6 and 12 years old and their grandparents.”


Adventure Journey

This product supports the interactive collection of information on marine life at the Artis Aquarium in Amsterdam for children between the age of 6 and 12.


Artis Amsterdam (Zoo)

My role

Visual Designer, UX Research and testing.

Target Audience

During the project, both Artis Aquarium and its visitors have been researched on. Results showed that the age group of children aged six to twelve with (grand) parents is most represented in the park, but not in the Aquarium.


In Artis aquarium, unlike the rest of the park, the knowledge transfer diverges and lacks fun and interactive education experience for children. The visitors also experience an absence  of purpose or challenge in the aquarium. As a result, they get bored more quickly and prefer to continue to another part of the park.


The product “the voyage of discovery” turns the Artis aquarium into a place where children and their (grand) parents experience a literal voyage of discovery. The aim is to free Artis de Partis from an ocean full of waste. The family can liberate Artis de Partis by answering as many quiz questions as possible. In this way, children interactively learn about both the animals in the aquarium and ocean pollution.

End result

Based onthe insights gained during the research, we came up with the concept “Adventurous Journey”. Based on this concept a clickable web app prototype was developed accompanied by a designed passport/diploma. In addition to these items and the web app, new digital signs were designed.

With this product we have been nominated for the Golden Dot Awards 2020.


This project was developed with a design team. My role within this team was Visual Design. My activities included responsible for the project’s illustrations, the design for the final report and the visualization of all the documents that were needed for, among other things, Customer Journey Maps. Although Visual Design was my main function, I further helped my colleagues with implementing various methods for different results for the research

Dorine Reijersen (me)

Visual Designer, Assisting UX Research

Rob de Groot

UX Researcher, Interaction Designer

Charlotte Uding

UX Researcher

Amy van Lith

UX Researcher, Interaction Designer