During my internship at Fleks Works BV in Amsterdam, my assignment together with a UX Researcher included the redesign of the Cloud Garden app.

Cloud Garden is a company that uses sensors to control the indoor climate of people’s homes and/or companies with Cloud Garden products.


Cloud Garden

My role

UI Designer


The assignment was: “make tech sexy”. At first, a moodboard was composed.  . An inspiration for this moodboad was Tesla. Because  in our opinion Tesla’s websites and advertisements are an example of ‘making tech sexy’.  Other car brands’ designs were also analysed which resulted in our dark design.


After finishing the moodboard and analyzing the wireframes of our colleague we started with the design. After receiving feedback multiple times from the client and our colleague our design resulted into the version that is visible on the right.

Wireflow to app

The app

The app allows the user, for example, to obtain information on the temperature and/or in the dryness of a room. The multiple sensors in a house or a building are processed into a carousel that allows the user to scroll between the sensors, This ensures one overview of all sensors for the user and increases user comfort.