As part of a school project I was assigned to research the meaning behind a specific colour, which, for me, was black. First, research was performed on the meaning of the colour black, whereafter a prototype suiting the research was made.

The prototype can be seen when you press the button above, but please note that it’s written in Dutch


School project

My role

Visual/UI Design


My research on the meaning of the colour black showed the association of the colour with death and evil. It was troubling to connect these meanings to a subject in making a website since I wanted to connect it with natureEventually I thought of the connection of nature and death in the embodiment of plants that ‘die’ and turn black. I called it ‘Zwarte Natuur’ which is Dutch for ‘Black Nature’.

How it works

The user first chooses between flora, fauna or nature. When for example flora is chosen, A page will show a choice between flowers or plants. Once the client selects what kind of plant or flower he or she wants to see, a page will follow on which a slider shows the difference between life and death of that particular flower or plant.

On the right (on your phone underneath this) two versions of the website are visible What I changed in version two is that on every page you have the same background. In comparison with version one that wasn’t the case, but I chose to put a dark background everywhere, because it gives a certain elegance and it suits with the subject of the site.


After finishing the prototype, the version was presented to a teacher and some classmates. The feedback turned out very positive and was graded a 8.5. The teacher recommended presenting this prototype my portfolio.