As a member of SDS volleyball association Voorthuizen I was asked to redesign the association’s logo. The logo of SDS was outdated, so the board asked for a logo similar in its elements but with a more modern appearance.  

See below for the process.


SDS Voorthuizen (Volleyball club) 

My role

Graphic designer

Phase 1

I first analyzed the previous logo and the requirements for the redesigned logo. he client had three requirements for the logo: 

  • The club’s name
  • A volleyball
  • The town’s name. 

At that time I was in my second year of my study, so I wasn’t that experienced in designing for clients. After sending my first redesigned logo ‘drafts’, no response came. I therefore critically assessed them and sent new logos which they agreed upon.

At the right you can see the previous logo.


Phase 2

After the client preference for one of my draft logos, I processed some additional feedback. The draft logo looked more like a korfball than a volleyball. The client’s solution was turning the logo upside down.

I took their advice, altered the draft logo and put it upside down. However, Logo draft 2 had now some similarities with a hatted traditional Ukraine dancer. Based on the client’s wishes I also removed the town’s name from the draft

Phase 3 - End result

In this final phase I  erased the word volleyball, because the volleyball depicted in the logo already clearly showed its association with the volleyball sport   Even though I didn’t minded the association with a korfball I still followed the clients wishes. So after a long time of iterating and thinking I came up with the idea to put SDS up and volleyball down in the redesigned logo.