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Cohesie is an occupational health service. During the time I worked there I designed an online learning platform, crafted a training session to develop personas for diverse employee types and designed a fresh brand identity.




Branding & UX/UI Design


2021 – 2023

Brand identity

To begin designing a new corporate identity, we started by defining new core values. With the words Love, Responsibility, Freedom, and Humility, I was able to create a logo consisting of a ‘C’ for Cohesie, an infinity symbol for unity (the meaning of Cohesie in Dutch), and a heart for love.

School van Cohesie

During my internship, I designed an online learning platform for Cohesie employees, including onboarding. After graduating, I became a Visual Designer at Cohesie and continued work on the project. I conducted research on employee preferences and integrated them into the platform, aiming for interactive learning with gamification. 

Post-graduation, I collaborated with a development company to finalize the platform. As the sole designer, I handled all aspects, including process management, research, partner selection, and design. 

Learning content

The platform required input, so together with Studio View from Harderwijk, I developed a training where managers learned about different types of employees and created personas to accurately represent them. These personas were then brought to life through animations.

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